Bringing the year to a close…

A few items on the final horizon as we approach the end of the year.  Just a couple of bullets for your attention:

  • Parent Survey kicked off with wonderful participation in its first weekend.  If you did not receive an email from the school requesting participation, please contact us as we have sent the invitation and the first reminder.  Check junk folders just in case the message accidentally found its way there instead of your inbox.  Contact us if you did not receive it and we’ll check the email addresses to make sure you receive your invitation.
  • Closing Ceremony this year will be Friday, June 22 @ 10:45a in the Annex Gym.  We will be live-streaming the event as well as welcoming all to our standing room only assembly bringing closure to our year and including our parade of all nations.
  • Summer School continues to accept registration through our CHQ system.  The Athletics and Activities office will be offering another year of wonderful activities during the first two weeks of the summer, June 25 to July 6.

Safety Note

There was a serious accident along the road behind the school property, Powsinska Street on Sunday. The accident included a bicyclist and vehicle.  The cyclist lost his life in the accident.  Our security team spoke with the officers responding to the incident and the causes of the accident likely included high speed of the vehicle, wet pavement and minimal sight lines.  The driver of the vehicle is in custody.  We do not believe any member of the school community  was involved.  But, as a safety precaution, I’m informing the community that we can no longer recommend Powsinska Street for bicycle traffic and we further recommend that cars entering our back entrance pay close attention to speeds on this road to and from the school.  Many parents have reported close calls on that road and, while it is a popular route to the school’s back entrance, we need to increase our awareness and caution on this stretch of pavement.

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