Water Issues and Final Days

Closing Ceremony Livestream

Next Friday, the last day of school, on June 22, we offer up again our closing ceremony starting at 10:45 a.m.  We will be Livestreaming the event at the following link:


Local Area Water Issues

We’ve had a string of water issues over the last week since our last eNotes.  Last week, Sunday, and again yesterday (Tuesday), the school and general area of Konstancin was without water for a short time in the morning between the hours of 5:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m.  In all cases, our systems alerted us to the problem in the early morning hours and GTC, the developer of the local housing area, informed us that a pump had malfunctioned causing reserve water to be depleted.  In all three cases, GTC called maintenance crews to the site which required a 45 minute response time.  Then, an additional wait time was required until the reserve sufficiently filled before the water could be turned back on.  In all three cases, this was another 45-60 minutes.  We instituted normal health protocols at school by limiting early morning access to bathrooms and close monitoring.  We also re-routed some restroom traffic to the annex building which is setup with its own rainwater reserve system that can be utilized even when external water supplies are shut off.  Given the timing and the estimates provided by GTC for repair time, we did not have any impact on other services and no consideration was given to closing school.  If we had received indication from GTC that repairs would push us beyond our 10:30 a.m. threshold, other measures would have been taken and additional communication would have been sent to parents, including the potential for mid-day school closure.  In these instances, those measures were not necessary.

We understand from GTC that they are in the process of making a final switch from the pump based system to a municipal water supply.  That switch over is planned in the coming days and this should resolve any further outages.  But, we continue to meet with GTC representatives to assure our water supply to the school as a priority with shortened response times when problems emerge.  For those who reside in the nearby area, we encourage your involvement in working with GTC to assure that we all have reliable systems in our local area and reaffirm our commitment to GTC as a partner in this work.

Departing and New Faculty & Administration

You will find today on Zimplicity a summary of departing and arriving faculty and administrators for the next school year.  It’s great to be getting to know our new Warriors and we’ll be saying goodbye to our current Warriors who are on their way to new adventures!  Please join me in thanking them for their service and in welcoming the new faces who will be arriving in August!  You’ll find the comprehensive summary here:


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