Time to Say Goodbye

Saying Farewell

In a home or domestic school, saying goodbye for the summer holidays is not as common as it is in the international world.  When you are in a neighborhood school, the chances are high that you’ll see that person the very next day on a playground or in a local market, or maybe just down the street while riding your bike.

But, in the international school world, saying goodbye in June can be quite profound.  We already know that many will be heading off to new adventures and will find new homes in far away places.  For some, it is a return home after living here and calling it “home” for some period of time.  Students know that our goodbyes, however measured each year, means that some of the people we are bidding farewell may not be near us again for a long, long time.

At least in this world today, unlike decades ago, there are many wonderful ways of keeping in touch.  Technology has helped us keep track of friends around the planet, making us feel at times like they have never left us.  For international students, it’s far more likely that they will experience how small the world is and cross paths with old friends again in their continued travels.  We are, after all, truly global citizens.

I wish you well in your traveling, hopeful that we will either see each other again in August, and embrace like we never left, or we will cross paths again when destiny decides, with powerful memories and a heart filled with joy.  On a distant shore, as you look into a night sky filled with stars and planets, wave to all of your friends, wherever they may be.  Somewhere, another Warrior will also be looking up, smiling, and returning the greeting!

Once a Warrior, Always a Warrior!!

Closing Ceremony Livestream

Friday, the last day of school, on June 22, we offer up again our closing ceremony starting at 10:45 a.m.  We will be Livestreaming the event at the following link:


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