It’s that time of year for reminders…

Just some reminders about daily things that we should all be checking and making sure we help others to monitor and manage:


Reminder to follow all of our parking rules here at ASW.  You can get a complete guide at the front security desk at any time, but here are the things to remember:

  • There is no parking in yellow zones throughout the parking lot.  Drivers may not leave their vehicles when waiting in a yellow zone and must be prepared to move as directed.  Yellow curbs should never be crossed by vehicles and it is strictly prohibited to park on top of or adjacent to yellow areas.
  • Park properly in your spot between the provided lines.  We know that these are tight for larger vehicles and it requires care and caution to make sure we are maximizing the space being used.  We always have overflow parking outside the back entrance to the school along the entry road on both sides.
  • Watch your speeds in the parking lot and keep them to a minimum for safety.  Students may emerge from between parked vehicles, so keep a watchful eye at all times.

Security & Safety

  • Parents and other visitors must wear badges at all times on campus.  Please make sure it is visible to students and staff.
  • Don’t forget to swipe your badge at the entrance as a walker or from your vehicle as you enter the campus.  Be sure to swipe the same badge on the way out as well.
  • Make sure students are wearing reflective clothing in the winter to increase visibility.
  • Make sure your contact information is updated in PowerSchool, particularly your mobile numbers for emergency communication.  You can click here to make changes after login: 


Other Items

  • Please make sure you are helping to keep our cafeteria clean after hours.  After 4:30p each day, you must clean up after yourself and make sure that dishes get returned to the racks near the cafeteria cashier stations.  We all need to help make sure that garbage is cleaned up after the cafeteria has closed for the day.
  • At this time of year we sometimes experience some small creatures making their way into the school from the surrounding fields and wooded areas.  As temperatures fall, they sometimes find their way into the building.  We’ve had two reports, one in a classroom and one in the cafeteria, so we have followed our protocol and have brought in our contract specialists who work to make sure we address the problem.  This happens each year when the temperatures start to fall along with the leaves outside.  Please report any sightings to our Facilities Team near the Business Office so that they can address any issues immediately.

Remember that we have a MS/HS Choir Concert next week on the 20th.  We had a wonderful Band Concert recently and they also joined us for some wonderful Pep Band style music last weekend.  Now time to have our voices take the stage next week starting at 6:00 p.m.  Please try to join us!

Finally, please consider helping PTO as a volunteer during their upcoming Book Fair!  Thanks to all who have already signed up!! A few spots are still available for helpers on each day.  Click below to sign-up for any or all of the days available:

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