For this Thanksgiving (and I know not all will celebrate this, or some may have already celebrated this), may I offer a poem of my own hand, inspired by the brilliant voices on stage and the memories of our music and themes from both our band and choir concerts recently:

Blue skies, crumpled leaves, and blustery winds
Wrapped around the cobbled bricks of buildings intertwined.

Voices fill the spaces with earnest thought
And wide eyed curiosity hanging from the moments
Strung together through themes and provocations
Day upon day, minute upon minute.

But, on this day, voices can be heard in the heart of the connected spaces drawing us to a crowded gathering.
A unison of message and mind
Reflections on a bygone era
A chorus that captures ten decades
In the smiling faces of musical accomplishment.

For one evening we are a single voice of memory,
Performers and Audience together.
Let the song have no ending.
Look back to look forward,
As a mirror embraces the eye.
Never forget!
Love, Learn, Live, Life
Let us be thankful and embrace our becoming!

Thanks for your indulgence and thanks to all the students and staff responsible for these concerts and their inspiration.  Wishing blessings to all of you and my thanks for all that you do each day to embrace our partnership in service to the students we share.

Additional details on Measles case:

  • Some erroneously thought the affected staff member was still at school.  Of course not…
  • Some thought that we had policy that requires immunization – no.  While immunizations are encouraged and recorded as part of the admissions process, parents can choose not to vaccinate on the basis of personal/religious objections.  This is consistent with law and the law in most countries.  This also applies to staff.
  • We do require that all new staff present health certificates that qualify them for employment.  This is standard practice under labor law.  That same law does not allow restricting employment on the basis of vaccination, nor does it allow us to require immunization.
  • Our records show only a small number of students currently lack the MMR vaccine – less than 10.  They have been contacted.
  • There is much press and government advice on the recent regional Measles outbreak.  Suggest you click HERE for the recent government information on the topic.

Hope that helps!

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