Christmas Message and Calendar Survey

Ho Ho Ho!!

And what a joyous holiday it has become!  Voices were raised in song yesterday at the Grade 2, 3, and 4 Holiday concert.  Tremendous praise to our elementary team for their work in helping the kids raise their voices in harmony, a wonderful reflection on the spirit of the season.  Ms. Andrews and Mr. Minasz – thank you for framing the season!!

We have but a few hours remaining before we head off into an extended break.  When we return it will be 2019, the last year for a very long time that will have -teen on the end.  I have to pause and wonder what things may look like in 2113, when the -tweens return.  It brings back memories of the turn of the century in Y2k when we all concocted our predictions of what this century would hold for us.  And, flash forward, almost 20% of the century is gone.  How are your predictions going?

It is hard sometimes to find ourselves trapped in the current moment, and we should live in the moment when spending time with family and friends.  But, with much acrimony around us, it can be challenging and stressful at times.  I hope that this holiday season brings you two unique opportunities.

First, I hope for you time to pause in the moment with loved ones all around.  May your days of celebration and cultural connection bring you joy and renewal.

Second, I wish for you some time to dream, stepping out of the moment as the new year approaches and wonder with intention about what might be made of the year ahead.  This is not the fodder of resolutions, but more the territory of what could be possible if we take the love and kindness of the moment and use it to craft our way forward.  The most important thing we do in school is to ask students to be mindful of their intentions before taking on a challenge.  I wish for all of us, and particularly our students, and opportunity to make these dreams come true.

Whether traveling or relaxing into home here in Warsaw, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Calendar Business

One bit of business and I’ll remind you in January as well.  We are taking input on the school calendar for 2020-2021, consistent with our current methodology of planning out two years in advance.  Board will make their final adoption in January, but you have a chance now to give us feedback.  Other adopted calendars are viewable on our website at

Here’s the link to our survey.  We encourage all staff, students, and parents of ASW to join us in giving your input to this process.

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