Welcome Back!

Welcome to 2019!

Hoping you are all finding your return from the holidays both refreshing and renewing as we consider the path that lies ahead. As we move into the final days of the semester, which officially ends on January 25, we have clarity on goals and aspirations for the remaining days of the school year. We are also fully engaged on planning for next year. As we consider 2019 a critical year of key operational work bringing accreditation goals into central focus, we are looking ahead to 2020 as a year of clarity that will build on this work of refining and development. May your planning for goals and accomplishments in the year ahead be equally engaging and fulfilling. January has always been a time of looking back to look forward, setting goals and resolutions of ever greater accomplishment. Happy that we can collaborate on helping our students to consider their goals similarly, assuring them of future success.

Calendar Survey

Reminder to complete our calendar survey.  We are taking input on the school calendar for 2020-2021, consistent with our methodology of planning out two years in advance.  Board will make their final adoption in late January, but you have a chance now to give us feedback.  Other adopted calendars are viewable on our website at http://www.aswarsaw.org/. We’d like your feedback by January 14th at the latest. This is the final call for submissions. We encourage all staff, students, and parents of ASW to join us in giving your input to this process:


Cafeteria Survey

It has now been 4 months since we selected our new cafeteria provider,
Solivoda. There is still time to get your feedback in order to prioritize our expectations for continued refinement of their service during the remainder of this school year.

You can access the open survey at the following link:


We are looking to get your input by January 14th at the latest. This is your final reminder. Thanks in advance for your participation!

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