Sadness and Solidarity

Gdańsk Mayor, Paweł Adamowicz, who served the public for over 20 years, was lost to us in a brutal attack at the culmination of a celebration of life and charity in the Great Christmas Orchestra charity event last weekend.  This charity was announced at our High School assembly on Monday as highly successful in our own community with contributions of over 30,000 PLN.

Many of us are still reeling and trying to understand how someone who was such a defender of those who would be marginalized or who were less fortunate should fall to such hatred.  As always with a loss of this nature, we are sensitive to the feelings of our students and the broader community.  We will provide, as always, a safe harbor for their expressions in the context of this tragedy.

A national day of mourning is planned for the coming weekend, beginning at 5pm on Friday and continuing until 7pm on Saturday.  In the shadow of this horrible loss, I hope for light in the memories that remain.  Let’s find an opportunity to discuss, as families of many nations, our commitment and earnest attention to modeling peace and harmony for our children.  Speaking for myself and for all who are guests in this wonderful, warm, and welcoming country, I offer my sincere condolences to the Polish people, hoping that, together, we find peace and harmony in the midst of our shared sorrow.

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