A Busy Week

It has been a busy week of preparation this week at ASW.  In recent days, we welcomed new board members through our election process.  While we will have final confirmation at the board meeting on Monday, please welcome the following to their new role as Trustees.  I also thought you would enjoy links to their campaign posters and videos as a reminder:

There are always many roles in a school for all of us to contribute.  We are all reflecting now on our cover value of step forward and making things happen.  When partnered with our value of “We’re all in this together,” it becomes clear that our village is being called to action in growing and important ways.  Our thanks to all who step forward – Ajla, Anna, and Ezra — and the many others who continue to serve in leadership roles through appointment or election.  But, equally, we value and need all the parents that meet, plan, and serve daily as volunteers in our PTO events, classrooms, and in general service to the school.  It’s a big boat and plenty of room for all of us to help steer toward achieving vision and mission together!  Without us all, we’re nothing!

A few extra notes:

  • Saw a sneak peek of the HS Production, The Crucible at assembly – MUST SEE!!  Thursday and Friday, both at 6 pm – Come one, come all!!
  • Concerts kick off next week with MS Band/Choir on Tuesday night – 6 pm.
  • Prom! – This weekend for grades 11/12.  Many thanks to the students and parents who helped bring this to fruition!! Saturday night at 9 pm.
  • And – Graduation!!  It’s really that time already – next Friday evening at 6:00 p.m. at the POLIN Museum.  By invitation, but look for links next week for the live stream of this important event!!

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