Mothers and Fathers

A note this week to honor our fathers and mothers.  We are just coming out of a couple of weeks of recognizing and celebrating mothers through the many national dates including the U.S. on May 12, Poland on May 26, and UK Mother’s Day back in March.  Similarly, Father’s Day in the U.S. on June 16, in Poland on June 23 and, again, also back in March in the UK.  While the day of recognition is widespread across nationalities and dates throughout the year, the sentiment is the same as we recognize and embrace the tremendous importance of parents to their children.

Raising a child is the most significant and important accomplishment of life.  While education is a close second, the commitment and engagement of family will always be the most important part of what any individual achieves and becomes in life.  It’s particularly important to remember this as we move into graduation this weekend, celebrating a significant milestone.  It’s an event that suggests a child is now grown and ready to embark on their own.  We know this is not really the case, because of family connections and networks of support that last well beyond the preparatory years.  But, there is something special and important about this critical step and we celebrate and embrace it with all the pomp and circumstance we can muster.

But, the central theme remains.  Schools are places of parenting.  More than any other social system, we depend on parents and thrive on the opportunity to create a partnership in supporting your efforts raising your children.  In part, when we say “Work Together,” we are talking about that important collaborative activity of raising a child.  Without you, we are nothing.  Together, we open wide the doorway to opportunity for your child. To all the mothers and fathers of the ASW community, we honor and value you through all your contributions!  Thank you!

A Note About Upcoming Survey

Next week we send out our annual Student/Parent satisfaction survey.  We started this tradition in our accreditation process and this survey is the second year of an annual commitment going forward.  Much of the survey is the same with a small number of adds and adjustments.  Our purpose is to track year on year movement on key issues, so the stability of the instrument is important.  We use the results for critical planning and reported the full survey results in my report to the board back in September. Throughout the year we have reflected on the results and set goals associated with the feedback to help inform our operational and strategic work.  I want to thank you in advance for your participation in this survey.  Remember, if you have multiple children at the school, you may be filling out the survey multiple times in order to get each child’s point of view.  Surveys are customized based on the division of the child.  Separate links will be sent for each child in the family and each parent will get their set of invitations if their email address is properly registered in Powerschool.

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