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I hope everyone has returned refreshed and ready for ASW, 2019-2020, Part 2! Wishing you all well from afar as I’m out on the recruiting road seeking new staff for ASW for next year. As is the case every year, we will have some staff turnover, much as we do in our diplomatic and expatriate community. We are in the process of hiring now and looking to bring our process to quick conclusions. More details on this will eventually be posted here on Zimplicity and in future eNotes in order to keep you informed. I will return on Tuesday next week.

In the meantime, I know that we are all watching world events with some concern at the moment. I know that this can cause some levels of stress for our families, especially for those from selected regions of the world. As a community, we value our diversity and our collective regard for each other in times of concern and instability. Please know that we are monitoring for stress in our children during times like this and strive to make sure that our school is a safe place and supportive of their concerns as their age allows them to become aware of world events. One helpful site worth reviewing is here:


Much of this advice is part of the way we respond to world events that may be hard for children to understand. As the website points out, it is helpful to recognize that children are more aware at times than we might realize. Helping them to make sense of things is important and listening can be a key strategy for understanding their confusion and helping them resolve their concerns. Please let our counselors or your child’s teacher know if you have any concerns and know that we have other resources available as needed.

Best wishes to all on our first week back and I’ll look forward to greeting you at the entrance next week.

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