Some security tweaks…

We are taking the new year as an opportunity to implement some additional tweaks to our security plan that were recommended by our ongoing review of practices and procedures. ASW will now require all vehicles to be registered for campus access.  Over the coming weeks, parking permits will be provided to all parents and staff who request them along with a valid ID.  You may register and pick up parking permits from the Security Desk at the main entrance (Maximum of 3 vehicles per family). Permits will be tied to individual cars and should be hung from the rearview mirror or placed behind the windshield so that they are visible when entering campus and while the vehicle is parked on campus.   Until February 21st, security will be reminding everyone without a permit about the new requirement. After February 22nd, vehicles will not be permitted to enter the campus without a permit.

Thank you in advance for your assistance in implementing this quickly and efficiently during the coming month!

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