Updates today and last week…

I have to admit that there is much to process in recent days. We’ve done some diligence on understanding the depth of the information and trying to make clearer sense of it. That’s true of today’s information after another press conference.

What we know is there has been an option put on the table of the potential for preschools and nurseries to open, but only at the discretion of the founders and the local municipalities. This means we are still waiting today further details on that legitimately only applies to a small portion of our school population.

As has been stated in the past, the government’s willingness to allow opening is only one step in our process of any decisions on our part to open. Our risk review matrix expects a deeper understanding of risk and our ability to mitigate that risk and provide for student health and safety. As we gleaned from parent survey information over recent weeks, this is complicated and many parents took the time to write to me about their expectations for a safe pathway to opening, whether now or in August. We are working along those lines.

I know I’m asking a lot to continue to be patient. We want to make decisions with a high degree of caution and prudence. When the information is ready, we’ll put it in your hands for review and would hope for your continued counsel and partnership.

Please see further down our Warrior Way BINGO. I’ll be talking with Mr. Cuthbert about it on Facebook Live. Please join us or watch the recording tomorrow to find out how to participate as a family.

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