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I had the lucky opportunity to be cursorily involved in the MUN program this year through my coaching of the MS team and many interactions supporting the ZYGMUN conference. It was a pleasure working with the kids as they prepared for their own conference, but, until we closed, found time to mentor the MS team as well in wonderful training sessions. The following from one of the members, Julia Anting:

For the past three years, ASW has hosted our own MUN conference, the Zygmunt Model United Nations conference here in Warsaw. When the Covid-19 outbreak hit this year and school was canceled we feared we would also have to cancel our conference. But after several weeks of hard work, the ZYGMUN team of students and directors has managed to successfully run a virtual ZYGMUN conference. Run entirely from our homes, the conference consisted of six committees and 150 participants from 33 countries. The positive feedback we’ve received has been overwhelming and it’s our pleasure to share this amazing experience with the rest of the ASW community. To take a look at virtual MUN, please go to the “ZYGMUN Secretariat” youtube page.

More about Model United Nations is HERE

Our thanks to Mr. Julien and Mrs. Smutek-Rusek for coaching at the HS level and for all the leadership that emerged amongst the participants. The kids were inspired and their work was nothing short of exemplary in handling the sessions, the outcomes, and the global reach. Way to go everyone!

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