Plans Coming Together and Board Resolution

We are busy developing our plans for August and, on the heels of further government announcements today, satisfied with our approach and decisions to date in preparation for these next steps. One key piece is the structural approach to our planning and that can be seen in an early version of our planning arenas here:

To support this ongoing work of the administration, the board adopted in recent sessions the following resolution, now for community consideration. This action demonstrates support for the administration in providing an operational plan that will assure our August opening as projected. We’re excited and supported by this approach:

American School of Warsaw
Resolution of the Board of Trustees

Whereas there is a current health crisis that emerged as a result of a global pandemic,

And, whereas the Board of Trustees has reviewed relevant literature as provided by the Administration with regards to the current and ongoing health and well-being risks associated with schooling for the foreseeable future,

And, whereas there are complex government requirements in place and as adjusted over time,

Therefore, the Board of Trustees…

…supports plans and actions that are consistent with government direction following the edicts of governmental agencies regarding closure and other stipulations that may be announced and implemented.

…directs adherence to Core Values, Mission, and Vision in the development of plans associated with school operations going forward.

…directs the administration to develop agile plans in consultation with health experts in our community and more broadly in their planning for actions and procedures associated with the closing and opening of school on whatever basis is recommended or directed.

…directs the administration to review legal ramifications of decisions and confirm the requirements of all parties to proceed under existing or proposed contractual instruments and/or amendments.

…directs the administration to consider plans associated with ensuring staff and student safety that balances age-appropriate practices with guidelines for hygiene and other related methods for reducing the potential spread of disease in the community, now or in the future.

…directs the administration to purchase material and services as may be required for the implementation of plans associated with this crisis.

…recognizes the need to make available up to 15% of emergency reserves to support the planning and execution of the above mitigation and implementation to be allocated by subsequent Board resolutions.

Adopted May, 2020

With this authorization and direction, we will begin sharing our drafts of a comprehensive approach to addressing the ongoing infectious threat. As medical professionals around the world have stated and agreed, this is a long term reality that must be met with distinctive change in practice to minimize risk and promote health and safety for all in the community. ASW is committed to that belief and positive outcomes for all.

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