Silver Linings

Gourmet meal prep in Kindergarten

Not much to share this week other than it is good to be back in classrooms. I’ve wandered about the building starting with early childhood on Monday, some time up in design and library yesterday, and some 6th grade drama monologues today along with a stop in the cafeteria during upper school lunch. The vibrations of social engagement and learning were all around me. It’s good to be in school!

We have had a great round of testing and our strategy of taking a week to settle back into practice has served us well, despite my admonitions last night in a special update. It’s a good day when I cancel the Crisis Team and leave your email boxes empty of that afternoon message. We are on the right track and it’s good to be in school!

Activities are constantly developing to keep kids engaged, both in school and with all the supplements we can muster. Minds are churning over what can be added incrementally to make up for those things outside of school that may need to be put on hold for a time out of concern for health and safety. We know this is daunting and feels like a terrible loss of passions and things previously enjoyed. But, complacency cannot rule the day and the wake up call has been delivered. We will do everything we can to keep everyone safe because it’s good to be in school!

The silver linings are starting to emerge as we reflect on our accomplishments – what we have learned, what we have survived, what we have earned — and compare our results to the greater context. Truly a world challenge and all the more difficult when you choose a divergent path and have to work hard to prove what we believe has been achieved. Pride? Not quite yet. The proof will come in looking back, realizing that our insight and forbearance will confirm it was good to be in school!

Recipes! See below! Quiz Night! See below!! Town Hall! Tonight! See you there!

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