Welcome to our New High School Vice Principal!

I mentioned during the last Town Hall that we had finalized our selection of our new High School Vice Principal replacing Laura Berntson starting next year. It’s my pleasure to announce that we completed our search just prior to the new year. 

Happy to welcome Luke MacBride to the Warrior team come August, 2021!  Along with this, we can also confirm that his wife, Alyson, has been selected for an open HS Math position.  We are very happy to have the MacBride family, which includes daughter Pearl, join us as our newest Warriors!! We’ll find out more about Luke, Alyson, and Pearl when we introduce all new Warriors as usual in my March introduction feature.

Many thanks to the members of the Search Committee and to all stakeholders who participated in our virtual events in December and added information to the process. We had a strong field of candidates and we are quite confident that the strongest were in the final stages making it both difficult and rewarding.

On other recruiting fronts, I’m happy to report we are almost done with recruiting for the next school year with both record retention of our current staff and a strong field of candidates for our few positions bringing us new Warriors that we will happily introduce in March.


Reminder that our revised current year calendar is located HERE. The most important upcoming change to note (communicated back in October) is the move of our PD Day to March 1 on this calendar. We will be scheduling post vacation testing on that day as well as the weekend prior. We are not recommending travel and there is no current plan to change the calendar any further this year. The final change involves conferences in April. More on that later when we are closer to Spring Break.

Parking Lot

Please don’t forget what you have learned about our parking lot rules. Winter doesn’t change these rules. Dress warmly and remember the following that we are concerned about:

  • Only park in marked parking spots. NEVER park and leave your vehicle in a Kiss-N-Go lane or ANY yellow curbed area.
  • If parked for any period of time greater than one minute, turn OFF your engine. Protect our air!
  • If a spot is not available in Kiss-N-Go, continue around the parking lot circle until a place or parking spot becomes available. NEVER stop and block traffic and please don’t stop on crosswalks.
  • Make sure all pedestrians cross parking lot lanes at crosswalks only – model this for all students to make sure they see us following traffic and safety rules. If you take them across a road without using the crosswalk, they will do it inadvertently themselves in the future. Show kids we all know how to be safe together.

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