Parent Survey

It’s time to launch our parent survey, as we do annually. Please watch your mailbox tonight for your personal invitation to our annual customer satisfaction survey. There are some changes, but here’s a summary for your awareness:

  • We’ve simplified the survey so that each parent will only complete one survey for the entire family. Based on questions at the beginning, you will then fill out common questions followed by divisional questions and selected items based on the ages of your child(ren) at school. This means a more customized experience and only one survey to complete rather than filling out the entire survey from each child’s perspective. For some of the common questions, you will have to consider them from the whole family’s perspective and then add comments at the end where an individual child’s experience may have been different than the family average.
  • We have added a section of questions on our COVID mitigation response.
  • We’ve kept 80% of the rest of the survey the same to support year-on-year comparison. We removed one or two questions because they are no longer relevant and added some for similar reasons.

We are hopeful of your early attention to this task and would love to see a strong response rate. As in prior years, I will send periodic reminders to those who have not yet completed the survey until we close the survey in early July. We will compile the results and communicate them to the community in the Fall along with any related plans.

Thanks in advance for completing this important task!!

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