End of Year Shaping Up


Below is a list of upcoming and end-of-year (EOY) events. I thought I’d provide this list and the live stream links where appropriate. Lots of important things to keep us engaged until the final day.

  • May 28 – 9:30a – Senior Awards Assembly
  • May 28 – 7:00p – Studniowka
  • May 29 – Graduation
  • June 2 – ASW Staff Social Gathering – Campus closed at 3:45p and until 8:00p.
  • June 3-4 – NO SCHOOL – Corpus Christi Holiday
  • June 4 – 12p to 12a – Relay for Life
  • June 7 – 9:00a – Open House – Please share with your friends who might be considering coming to ASW.
  • June 11 – 10:00a – Closing Assembly – We will have a closing assembly outdoors for all students together on the final day, complete with flag procession and live-streaming. We won’t be able to open this to all parents, but only to the population of cleared staff and adults currently on our roster.

There are probably more links below for specific grade levels or other divisional events. Our thanks to all the important involvement from all areas of the school to support these wide-ranging activities. In particular, it’s a very busy time for PTO and grade level reps as they bring many activities to a conclusion. Thank you for all that you do and thanks for the great general meeting last week!!


We are providing the yearbook again this year as a complimentary gift to all families. Every student will receive a yearbook according to the schedule of their divisional offices.

Parent Survey

Please remember to fill out your parent survey. Thank you to the early responders! You will continue to receive weekly reminders until you are done! Please only use the personal link sent to you. If you have any trouble accessing it, please contact us. Appreciate your attention to this important task!


As you know, we changed our testing frequency starting this week and scheduling has gone well. We’ll change the testing next week again because of our holiday. Next week will be a three-day schedule and we’ll follow the same schedule the following week. That means our last testing day will be June 9th.

We are now looking forward to transition from school year to summer and want to announce that testing for summer school and staff will start on Monday, June 14, and will be Mondays, 8a to 11a each week through the summer until August 2. Testing will remain in the main lobby for staff who continue to work during the summer and paid testing will remain available during these hours only for ASW Community members.


Based on a review of current regulations and stipulations of EU member states with our medical advice and after reflection with the Crisis Team, we will make one additional change for the remainder of the current academic year. We are aware of official status change in countries across the EU and did a comprehensive review on the European CDC site. Based on these reductions of restrictions, we will align and reduce the travel restrictions to only areas outside of the EU. The revised question and the guidance that follows will be implemented in the next 24-48 hours.

Question #5 – Travel
Have you or someone in your household traveled to areas outside of the EU or to areas identified as high risk? (Not applicable to fully vaccinated individuals.)

This question no longer includes travel within the EU and is primarily focused on the risk associated with larger populations.  Travel in a private vehicle or under controlled conditions is not the focus of the question and is not considered a risk in and of itself.  Risk exposure is still reported in question #6 and is of equal concern whether traveling or not. Remember, most children at school are not yet vaccinated and risk has to be assessed for that reason.

Further, this question also applies to visitors coming to your home if they have traveled to areas of risk.

Exclusion is 7-days and the app will inform you of your date for re-entry testing once you enter the date returned.  You may come to school for testing during your exclusion.  CDC guidelines recommend one test at 3-5 days after travel and a second test after at least 7 days. Government quarantines of longer periods will supersede ASW guidelines.

Excluded from consideration (answer “no”): Fully vaccinated or recovered individuals.

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